Sexual Harassment Training And Prevention Manual (2019)

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Author: Richard J. Simmons
Publisher: Castle Publications
Edition: Seventeenth
ISBN: 9781940747378
Pages: Over 210

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California has enacted numerous new laws that institute new training rules and requirements relating to sexual and other forms of unlawful harassment. New developments and regulations require significant revisions to employers’ training programs and policies prohibiting harassment, discrimination and retaliation. Among other changes, the new rules address investigations, confidentiality, complaints, anti-retaliation standards, translation requirements, and the need to update policies to cover all characteristics protected by California law. The California Fair Employment and Housing Council (FEHC) also modified its regulations regarding the training and tracking rules. Training must now include components on the negative effects of “abusive conduct, gender identity, and sexual orientation discrimination and harassment.”

It is clear that every workplace in America is vulnerable to sexual harassment claims. Statistically, they are among the most common claims filed against employers and can have a devastating impact on workplaces, victims and careers. While experts recognize that prevention is the best cure, employers often wait until claims are filed to address problems. California law requires employers with 50 or more employees to train their supervisors. New rules also mandate training on bullying and abusive conduct while creating new standards governing an ever-expanding list of protected characteristics that now include gender identity, transgender, gender expression, genetic information and military status.

Employers must take direct and immediate steps to train employees and prevent harassment under the law. Employers must also “take reasonable steps” to prevent and correct wrongful discrimination, harassment and retaliation. In the new edition of his publication, Attorney Richard J. Simmons of Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP, provides essential guidance to employers regarding prevention steps, including training, complaint procedures, investigation techniques, corrective action and remedial measures. The publication provides tools, including updated training outlines, quizzes, policies, and “promise” statements, that will help employers avoid problems altogether and win cases that lack merit. Among the subjects addressed in the publication are the following:

  • Guidelines For Prevention
  • Sample Training Rules, Outlines & Guidelines
  • 2019 Legislative Changes
  • Remedies & Premiums
  • New Abusive Conduct & Bullying Standards
  • Analysis Of EEOC Guidelines
  • Legal Responsibilities
  • Standards For Discipline
  • Orientation Checklist & Form
  • New Confidentiality Rules
  • The New California Training Law
  • Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity & Gender Expression Rules
  • Promises Of Compliance
  • Information Sheet On Harassment
  • Review Of Supreme Court Standards
  • Sample Policies
  • Investigation Guidelines
  • Rules Against Retaliation
  • New Cases & Legal Standards
  • Grievance Machinery
  • Employee Quizzes
  • Interactive Training Tools
  • Harassment By Nonemployees
  • DFEH’s Harassment Guide for Employers

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