Wage And Hour Manual For California Employers

Wage And Hour Manual For California Employers

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Author: Richard J. Simmons
Publisher: Castle Publications
Edition: Twenty-Third
ISBN: 9781940747477
Pages: Over 1030

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The Wage And Hour Manual For California Employers by Attorney Richard J. Simmons of Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP is the most popular publication in its field and applies to all California employers. It is an essential desk book for every HR representative, payroll executive, labor relations consultant, and employment attorney in California. It is also a valuable reference manual for all law libraries.

As a one-stop desk reference, the Manual is the best source available on California and Federal Wage and Hour Laws, the FLSA, the Labor Code, the IWC Wage Orders, and Labor Commissioner Policies. It has been cited with approval by courts and the government for its description of the law. Many HR representatives, payroll executives and attorneys consider the Manual to be their most valuable research tool. It is a problem-solving text that shows employers how to avoid common pitfalls resulting in substantial liabilities. Among the numerous topics addressed are the following:

  • Overtime Rules
  • Meal And Rest Period Rules & Sanctions
  • Sick Pay Law And Kin-Care Rules
  • Independent Contractors
  • Wage Setoff Practices
  • Waiting Time Penalties
  • California’s Wage Orders
  • Compensatory Time Off & Make-Up Time
  • The Regular Rate Of Pay
  • Travel Time
  • Exemptions For Executive, Administrative, And Professional Employees
  • Vacation Pay Rules
  • New Statutory Rules
  • Wage Theft Prevention Act
  • Alternative Work Schedules (12-Hour Shifts, 10-Hour Shifts, 9/80 Schedules)
  • Pay Stub Rules
  • PAGA – The “Sue Your Boss” Law
  • Sample Forms And Agreements
  • Minimum Wage Requirements
  • Child Labor Restrictions
  • Uniform And Tool Requirements
  • AB 60 Requirements
  • Commissions & Piece-Rates
  • Equal Pay Rules
  • Payday Rules
  • Final Pay Requirements
  • The Employment Relationship
  • Volunteers
  • Student Workers
  • Posting Requirements
  • Record-Keeping Rules
  • Reimbursement And Indemnification Obligations
  • Time-Keeping Rules
  • Rounding
  • Day-Of-Rest Rules
  • Bonuses
  • Hours Worked Rules

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