Employee Handbook And Personnel Policies Manual

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Author: Richard J. Simmons
Publisher: Castle Publications
Edition: Fourteenth
ISBN: 9781940747156
Pages: Over 770

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Please also see our Sample Policies product which includes a zip file containing all of the policies in Chapter 11 of this Manual in Word format.



The Employee Handbook And Personnel Policies Manual by Attorney Richard J. Simmons of Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP is the first book of its kind — designed for employers throughout the country. It is a unique publication covering the full range of policies included in employee handbooks and also a one-stop reference manual for personnel policies with guidance on how to draft policies and avoid common pitfalls. It is an essential reference tool for every HR representative, payroll executive, labor relations consultant, payroll manager, and EEO coordinator.

As an indispensable manual for every HR and law library, it is the best guide to personnel policies in the country. It offers a non-technical review of the laws and regulations applicable to employee handbooks and personnel policies. It includes hundreds of sample policies. Among the numerous topics addressed are the following:

  • Medical Leave Of Absence Policies
  • Drug And Alcohol Policies
  • Social Media And Networking Policies
  • Checklists For Policies
  • Employee Classifications
  • Progressive Discipline Policies
  • Vacation Policies
  • Sick Pay Policies
  • Sexual Harassment Policies
  • Right To Modify Policies
  • Grievance Procedures
  • Contract Issues
  • Employment At Will
  • Pregnancy Leave Policies
  • COBRA Notice
  • Violence Prevention Policies
  • Immigration Law Policies
  • Family Leave Policies
  • Overtime Policies
  • Internet And E-mail Policies
  • Compensatory Time Off Rules
  • Non-Fraternization Policies
  • A Broad Array Of Leaves Of Absence Policies
  • Policies Addressing Privacy Issues
  • Right To Access Information Stored In Or Sent By Computers
  • Sample Policies — Over 450
  • Expense Reimbursement Policies
  • Checklists On Legal Considerations
  • Essential Personnel Policies
  • Equal Opportunity Rules
  • Anti-Harassment Policies
  • Standards Of Conduct Policies
  • Cell Phone Policies
  • Reference Request Policies
  • Dispute Resolution And Grievance Procedures
  • Commitment To The Interactive Process
  • Disclaimers
  • Personnel File And Records
  • Meal And Rest Periods
  • Uniforms, Tools And Equipment
  • Disciplining Action
  • Progressive Discipline
  • Safety Policies
  • Drug Testing
  • Smoking Policies
  • Acknowledgement Forms
  • Layoff Policies

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