The Reform Of California’s Wage And Hour Laws: An Analysis Of AB 60

The Reform Of California’s Wage And Hour Laws: An Analysis Of AB 60


Author: Richard J. Simmons
Publisher: Castle Publications
Edition: Fourth
ISBN: 0943178282
Pages: Over 210
Format: Print only


On July 20, 1999, Governor Davis signed landmark wage-hour legislation, AB 60, into law. The new legislation, which is called the “Eight-Hour-Day Restoration and Workplace Flexibility Act of 1999,” will have a major impact on virtually all California employers. In addition to reinstating the daily overtime provisions of California law, the legislation creates other overtime standards, changes the exemption rules and establishes new rules regarding “alternative workweek schedules,” meal periods, sick leave, personal liability, a citation system, and numerous other novel requirements. It is the most significant wage-hour legislation in over 20 years.

In this publication, Attorney Richard J. Simmons of the law firm Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP. reviews the new legislation in a concise and understandable manner. The publication reviews AB 60’s new rules including:

  • Overtime Rules
  • Alternative Work Schedule Rules
  • Salary Basis Rules
  • Makeup Time Standards
  • Citation System
  • Sample Make-Up Time Form & Policy
  • Final IWC Rules
  • Sample Time Card Verifications
  • Sick Leave Rules – AB 109
  • Exemption Standards
  • Personal Liability Standards
  • Meal Period Standards
  • Union Employee Changes
  • Professional Exemption Rules
  • DLSE Enforcement Policies
  • Meal And Rest Period Penalties